My Bash configuration (.bashrc)

My Bash configuration is based on the Debian .bashrc file, but I have added a hook mechanism to the .bashrc file, so that every script in the user's home directory having a name starting with .bashrc_ is sourced automatically. Thanks to that mechanism, I can avoid cluttering the .bashrc file with many aliases or functions and use as many separate scripts as I want.

To add a new script, say .bashrc_functions, I just have to put it in my home directory and my .bashrc sources it automatically next time I open a terminal.

If I don't want the script to be sourced any more, I can delete it or rename it to for example .bashrc_disabled_functions.

In the GitHub repository, you can find my .bashrc files (one for a "normal" user and one for root) as well as some of my hook scripts: