My Vim configuration (.vimrc + .gtkrc-2.0)

The most "interesting" part of my .vimrc file might be the affectation of the backupdir and directory options (the directories where the backup files and the swap files are written respectively). The file creates and uses the directories ~/.vim/backup and ~/.vim/swap.

As far as the theming is concerned, my .vimrc file attempts to apply the Moria color scheme. You can download it from It also attempts to use the Consolas font when on Windows and the Inconsolata font on Linux or similar systems. On a Debian GNU/Linux system, you can install the Inconsolata font using the command: apt-get install fonts-inconsolata

Another interesting point, somehow related to theming, is that I had to write a GTK configuration file (.gtkrc-2.0) to avoid an unpleasant white patch in the bottom of the gVim (actually vim-gtk) window. I believe that this white patch only appears when gVim is used with a window manager that does not respect the size hints (e.g. a tiling window manager).

In the GitHub repository, you can find both my .vimrc and .gtkrc-2.0 files (both heavily commented):

I haven't put any autocommands or file type specific settings in my .vimrc file. I chose instead to write a plugin to fulfill my file type specific needs. It is available on this other GitHub repository, and has a documentation: